The big day is in 3 days. And by the big day I mean the day I need to make sure my primer stays on all day long, in order not to show any signs of a shiny skin on the photos, that the lipliner doesn’t dry and that the blondest part of my hair is showing through the mortar board.

Kidding, of course. By the big day I mean shaking hands with someone I have never met, who will hand me a piece of paper which will be of use for my citizenship application, after spending hours on end listening to a speech from many people I have not met before.

Ok ok I’ll be serious now. It’ll be a big day because I will be surrounded for the last time by my uni mates (classmates?), and I know I will still see some new faces (haha), like you do at final exams – was this person on my course all along? But this time it’ll be different, as everyone will have their awkward button turned on sky high as they’ll be with their parents. No more hiding from our roots and pretending to be cool.

Anyway, it’ll be the last day I’ll be on campus. It’s dragged on. Can’t wait.

On a serious note, help me pick my outfit.


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