My Warwick graduation was sexist. Firstly, the ceremony was an all male dominating event – by ‘all’ I mean all speakers. Secondly, the photographer told me to keep my feet together with my ‘ankles touching’, while directing the male next to me to keep his feet ‘square on the ground’.

Other than that, it was one of the most anticipated and exhausting days I’ve lived through, which can be seen throughout the vlog (other than the part when I was on stage and was buzzing!), which you can see below:

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

I am still trying to heal the blisters on my feet, which have now turned into crusts. Also, it took a further four days for the headache that instilled itself that day to fade.

Other than that, my picture will be featuring in The Boar’s best dressed/best looking graduates, which I am sure has made my mother appreciate her photography skills (I adjusted the came settings, nonetheless you rock!).

Here is the vlog of the day, enjoy! I’m off to mourn my time at Warwick with a Pretty Little Liars marathon. Love you all! And don’t tell women to keep their ankles touching!



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